The pure wild honey online now – The Kurinji honey

The kurinji honey is termed as Liquid Gold., this is sourced from the most attractive greenish yellow nectar of the Neela kurinji flower which can happen only once in 12 years. This rare and exotic honey is a greatest gift from nature. The flowering of neela kurinji itself considered as a greatest occasion celebrated by tribal people, nature lovers and botanist and so many group of people make a trip to enjoy one of the most hilarious treat from nature. Thus the honey from such nectar also resemble the same value.
The kurinji honey has a numerous health benefits and plays a vital role in the health of human beings. The Kurinji honey is found in a greenish yellow texture and gradually turns into a darker texture offering a unique taste you have ever tasted yet.
Neeela kurinji is a natural productive cure for a number of diseases such as stomach ailments, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, Respiratory inflammation, and Rheumatoid arthritis since ancient times