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Bijapur Lodge Jawai is a luxurious jungle camp located in the heart of the Jawai Leopard Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India. The lodge offers a unique opportunity to experience the wild beauty of the Aravalli Hills and spot leopards in their natural habitat. Bijapur Lodge Jawai offers a variety of leopard safari packages, including jeep safaris, walking safaris, and camel safaris. All safaris are led by experienced guides who are experts in the local wildlife. In addition to leopard safaris, Bijapur Lodge Jawai also offers a variety of other activities, including bird watching, nature walks, and cultural experiences. The lodge also has a swimming pool, and restaurant.
Best Hotels & Resort in Jawai- Bijapur Lodge Jawai is one of the best hotels and resorts in Jawai. The lodge offers luxurious accommodations, excellent food, and a wide range of activities. Book your leopard safari in Jawai today and experience the wild beauty of the Aravalli Hills!