Best white label cryptocurrency exchange software for Brokers Firm in USA | Dynamic Technologies

Dynamics Technologies provides an all-in-one proprietary trading platform. Our fully equipped turnkey solution – including the client’s cabinet and back-office software – is the solution you’re looking for! The platform supports simultaneous trading of Cryptocurrency and Equities.

Built with an aim to provide simplicity, transparency and modern design at a reasonable price. The platform leverages innovative technologies to bring the best trading experience and branding possibilities.

Market Data – Equities
• We provide real-time quotes on all US Equities, pre and post-market data is available.

Consolidated Order Book – Crypto
• Dynamic has developed a consolidated order book, with quotes from over 15 cryptocurrency exchanges.
• The consolidated pricing feed enables the client to execute the best prices in the market.

Simultaneous Trading
• Trade US Equities, Crypto and Crypto options All On One Platform.
• Our multi-asset trading platform lets you monitor/trade different asset classes simultaneously.

Risk/Margin Management
• Our risk management gives the company a transparent picture of everyone’s balance and positions.
• Complete and customizable rules and settings are available for each client/group.

Market Order Routing
• Through our providers we offer order routing internally, or direct to the market.
• Crypto order routing is available to over 15 exchanges as well as private Liquidity Provider’s in our network.