Best Indian Sweet Shop in Adelaide

Rangoli Sweets & Restaurant is a popular Indian sweet shop and restaurant located in Adelaide, South Australia. Known for its mouth-watering Indian sweets and delicious cuisine, Rangoli Sweets & Restaurant has been serving the local community for many years. The shop offers a wide range of authentic Indian sweets including rasgulla, gulab jamun, peda, and more. They also provide a variety of savory snacks, such as samosas and chaat, which are perfect for quick bites. Rangoli Sweets & Restaurant is not only famous for its sweets and snacks but also for its full-service restaurant that offers a diverse menu of Indian dishes. The restaurant is a great place to enjoy a family dinner or a casual lunch with friends. With its warm and inviting ambiance, excellent customer service, and delicious food, Rangoli Sweets & Restaurant is undoubtedly the best Indian sweet shop and restaurant in Adelaide.