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An SQCDP Board is a visual management tool used in manufacturing to monitor and improve key performance indicators related to Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People (SQCDP). The board acts... Read More

SQCDP - Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People. It represents a comprehensive approach to managing business operations. Each component plays a vital role: Safety: Focuses on ensuring a secure work environment,... Read More

SQCDP is an acronym derived from Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People. It represents a set of key performance indicators used in manufacturing and various industries to measure and optimise... Read More

SQDC Lean is a methodology within Lean manufacturing practices that ensures that a workplace's operations are well-organised and efficient. SQDC stands for Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost. These four elements... Read More

Scheduled maintenance refers to regular tasks assigned to operators daily, weekly, monthly, or custom. This helps reduce unexpected downtime equipment breakdowns and increases productivity and asset lifespan. Keeping track of everything... Read More

Maintenance carried out on equipment that is currently inoperable or has failed is known as breakdown maintenance. Even though it is more expensive than preventive maintenance, a well-planned maintenance schedule... Read More

A Predictive maintenance solution is designed to monitor the condition and performance of equipment over time to detect any potential issues. By utilising TITAN CMMS - a predictive maintenance system... Read More

Regular maintenance activities are essential to keep your equipment and assets running smoothly; this is where preventive maintenance comes in. By scheduling maintenance based on real-time data insights, preventative maintenance... Read More

Kamishibai in lean is a visual control centre in the workplace used for performing audits within a manufacturing process. A series of cards are placed on the visual board. The... Read More

Kamishibai is a process confirmation technique essential to the Lean Daily Management System. Kamishibai boards are visual management tools similar to the hour-to-hour production status boards. Kamishibai boards perform daily,... Read More