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Human biospecimens are essential for advancing medical knowledge and creating new treatments in biomedical research. These samples, which include blood, urine, and tissue samples taken from patients, are used in... Read More

Central BioHub is committed to accelerating research on thyroid disorders and offers immediate procurement of over 9000 human serum and plasma samples for research. These samples have undergone rigorous testing... Read More

Central BioHUb offers a full range of Influenza A and RSV samples that have been confirmed to be clinically infected by patients. Our online marketplace provides a convenient way to... Read More

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Central BioHub is a groundbreaking online platform connecting clinical research organizations and biobanks with scientists and researchers worldwide. Our marketplace simplifies the procurement process of vital human biospecimens by digitizing... Read More

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is a long-term condition that causes chronic inflammation in the gut, leading to damage in the gut lining. The two main types of IBD are ulcerative... Read More

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For buying and selling human biospecimens, Central BioHUb is one of the most trustworthy online marketplaces.  We make it easier for medical researchers to access priceless biological specimens by connecting... Read More

Access to human samples from patients is crucial for advancing diagnostic and clinical research globally. These specimens are highly valuable for molecular and laboratory research, leading to the development of... Read More

Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is caused by various types of Borrelia bacteria and is transmitted to humans through bites from infected black-legged deer ticks. This multisystemic infection... Read More